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510 Connector - Ø15.5mm

Price: DKR 42.49
Ex Tax: DKR 33.99
Brand: Pink Mule Products
Product Code: 510CON155
Size: 15.5 x 15.5 x 17
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510 CONNECTOR - 15.5MM

15.5mm 510 connector with springloaded plus pole.

A compact and well designed 15.5mm 510 connector for mounting in your DIY Boxmod.
The springloaded plus pole ensures that any tank will sit flush on your Mod and the connector features external M10*1 threading that will ensure an easy and sturdy mount with the nut provided.

The hole in the plus pole allows you to solder the positive wire and the negative wire is easy to mount using the bottom clamp.

The connector has a low profile of approx 4mm and a fixed top with milled slots for bottom airflow for your tank.
An option is to screw the 15.5mm top off and mount the connector directly into your Mod.


  • Made from stainless steel and brass.
  • Springloaded plus pole.
  • Comes with nut and bottom clamp.
  • Internal 510 threading, external 10*1 threading
  • Diameter of top connector: 15.5 mm, profil : 4 mm, total height: approx 17mm.
  • The outer 10*1 thredding is approx 9mm.

Purchase is for:
1 x 510 connector Ø15.5mm








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