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Ecig, the electronic cigarette with steam

Buy a smart ecig and avoid the annoying cigarette smoke in your daily life. An ecig makes it possible and easier for you to quit smoking. Thus, it is a good idea to give the electronic cigarette a try if quitting smoking it is on the top of your list. Buy an ecig now and save the money from buying expensive tobacco cigarettes while avoiding their bad smell.

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An ecig is not very expensive and you can benefit from buying a starter kit on our offers page. We regularly offer both ecigs and accessories to complement it. Be inspired by our many different ecig offers and take advantage of our online shop on the website.

Ecig – a technological marvel

Do you wonder how an ecig works? An electronic cigarette is able to convert liquid into steam, while providing a very similar sensation of being smoking a real cigarette. An ecig can be, as ordinary cigarettes, scratchy in the throat and, with a little will, provide the taste of your favourite cigarette brand. More technically, it can be explained as follows: The battery supplies power to an atomizer which, in its turn, heats the liquid inside the cartridge, thus producing steam. The atomizer can also be called atty. An E-juice/E-liquid container is the part of your ecig, where the liquid is filled in.

Ecig as an alternative to expensive cigarettes

There are many reasons to buy an ecig. It is an inexpensive investment, you get a unique chance for a successful smoking cessation and health improvement you will be grateful for. On our offer page, you can choose from a variety of economical, price-reduced starter kits and accessories. This way you can ensure that the ongoing costs will be kept low. If you have already tried to quit smoking, without success, an ecig can be a smart solution to achieve this goal. With an ecig you will still enjoy the feeling of smoking, but you will avoid all the tar. This will have a positive effect on your health, so it is worth giving ecig a chance.

Many times a smoker just naturally likes to light a cigarette. Cigarettes are included in many social contexts, and an ecig should not be an exception. Enjoy your ecig, it works just as a cigarette. An ecig will also spare you from making the almost daily kiosk queues, since you can order any of the many different flavours from on our website. Ecig is here to stay. In the explanatory videos on the website you can learn more about how you maintain an ecig, how to fill it with liquid and more. Take advantage of these available information and take full advantage of your ecig.