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Welcome to Pink Mule S.L.

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Alt i e-cigaretter & rygevæsker | Europas største udvalg |

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Welcome to Pink Mule S.L.

PINK MULE: Europe’s largest range of e-cigarettes and e-liquid

Welcome to Pink Mule – Europe's largest online range and favourite place of purchase when it comes to e-cigarettes and e-liquid. Whether you are experienced at vaping, just starting out or considering replacing ordinary tobacco with e-cigarettes, we have the right solution. With several years of experience and the largest product range imaginable, we go to great lengths to meet your expectations in e-cigarettes, e-liquid and funfilled accessories.

The comprehensive product range makes all the difference

At Pink Mule, you will find the largest range of e-cigarettes and e-liquid. We specialize in providing you with much more than just a standard product range and have chosen to have many different models and kits in a variety of sizes, designs, colours, dimensions and materials – from mizers/ liquid containers, tastes and liquids to e-cig batteries and chargers, stylish accessories and so-called  Sunday clothes – your Joyeth e-vic designed by Siam Mods. Whether you are a beginner or experienced at vaping, you've come to the right place.

Starter kit for beginners

In our starter kits, you will find everything you need to get started with vaping. We have selected the finest and easiest equipment, as we know it may seem complicated to get started. Our different products for beginners allow you to find exactly what you need. It also offers you products you will continue to get much pleasure from, as they are identical to those used by those experienced at vaping, but the easiest to use when you have not tried vaping before. We recommend that you start off with a kit that contains everything – because once you have it all, you will get a much better understanding of the possibilities. Also take a look at our videos, as they give good insight into how to get started and move on from there.

– And variable voltage for the experienced

Are you interested in e-cigarettes ‘with a twist’ and ‘a little extra’, we also have just the right thing for you: In several of our models and kits, you may vary the voltage to get a stronger vapour, and e-juice may give you a different flavour, depending on the voltage you choose. If experienced at vaping, you will get the most benefit from the variable voltage. Have a look at our many different models to find what’s exactly right for you.

Great customer service, fixed freight prices and swift delivery

Our support team is always ready to answer any questions you might have, so pls. feel free to write or call us. You are also welcome to look at the FAQ – frequently asked questions – presented at the bottom of this website. If deciding to buy your e-cigarettes and e-liquid at Pink Mule, we offer both fast and cheap delivery. Our fixed prices for freight ensure transparency and clarity from the start as well as swift delivery within 48-60 hours of ordering.

We look forward to hearing from you – and to receiving your order!

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